Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Preparation for Better Future through Art Education

Do children really need an art education? Can art take a significant role as an important issue in our society? Some people might say that art is a secondary matter for human life. They think that we have more important problems to solve, such as hunger, environmental pollution, war, economic crisis, and gender inequality. As art educators, however, we can change our world through giving our children stepping stones to the future. I would like to discuss the necessity of art education for children. To do so, the boundaries of art education need to be expanded to include various media that have generated new methods of creating art. Many art works today are no longer the result of a single artist working in anguish in a lonely studio. Most artists today actively communicate with diverse audiences through various media, such as YouTube, blogs, and their own websites. Furthermore, art is no longer restricted to the “artist” or the rich anymore. Art is not only aesthetic objects, but also a channel through which people can communicate with one other. Therefore, art education can offer many opportunities for children to express and share their thoughts. I think that this activity could be the soil in which to grow grass roots change in the world.     

I believe in the generative power of education. This is the power that can change the world. We need to seed the ground so that the bud of this power can sprout in the future. On the ground of art education, children will learn how to think more critically, how to express and share their thoughts more freely, and how to solve problems more creatively. Therefore, I strongly believe that teaching art is imperative in the elementary education process.